Monday, May 23, 2022

    Shark Tank India: From ‘Belly Button Shaper’ to ‘Pu De Colon’, Strange Products Featured in ‘Shark Tank India’

    ‘Shark Tank India’ (Shark Tank India) Audiences have seen how some people are trying to solve problems related to farmers, then someone has created a learning platform for the visually impaired. However, some people have offered business ideas to leaders that they find unnecessary. Let’s take a look at some of the business ideas that have failed to impress leaders.

    Glass masks: In one episode, the entrepreneur was seen introducing his product called ‘Sealine Drinking Shield’ which is used as a mask in a glass which protects the person drinking water or juice from germs. Leaders were dissatisfied with this product.

    Belly Button ShaperIt’s a product that makes business leaders laugh. Entrepreneurs who make this product say that their product makes the belly button round and attractive. He showed on stage how it works.

    Fancy toilet spray An entrepreneur named Pu de Colon came up with a toilet spray. The woman who made it said it uses a special type of oil, which can be sprayed before or after going to the toilet to remove odors. However, the leaders did not like his product and called it too expensive.

    Twins in oneEntrepreneurial policy is a unique fashion concept in Cingal. With this in mind, she designed a dress that could be worn in two ways. The founder showed how removing a belt completely changes the design of a garment. Leaders have given mixed reactions.

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