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    Regarding Govinda-Krishna Abhishek’s fight, Mami Sunita Ahuja said, ‘Don’t look at his face, the relationship will not improve now’

    It is said that once the relationship is tied, then the matter is not the same as before. It has been three years since the rift between Bollywood actor Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek, but the two families have yet to reunite. Recently, the difference between the two comes up again when, in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Govinda arrives on the show with his wife Sunita Ahuja and is not part of the Krishna debut episode. This is not the first time, when Govinda arrived at Kapil’s show in November 2020, Krishna was not seen in that episode. Recently, Govinda’s wife Sunita, in improving this relationship, made it clear that I don’t want to see her face.

    Krishna Abhishek, who was absent from the episode on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, said in an interview why the two are not seen together. He said how the tension between him and his mama Govinda over the old issue is still going on and I believe that both the parties would not like to share a stage. Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja broke the silence in a conversation with Itimes.

    Want to maintain respectable distance
    Sunita said Krishna said that the two do not want to share the stage together. So in November last year, Govinda issued a statement clarifying his position. He vowed never to discuss family issues in public. Like a true man, he kept his word. “I would say again that we want to maintain a respectable distance,” he said. But these issues have reached a point where the need to find a solution is felt.

    What is the use of saying family matters in the media
    Govinda’s wife further said, ‘Whenever we come on the show, he says something in the media for publicity, what is the use of all these balls? What is the benefit of talking about family issues in the media? Although Govinda did not give any response in this regard, it is sad. Even without him our show hits, and it will happen ‘.

    His comedy would not be complete without his mother!
    Mocking Krishna, he further said that his comic talent was limited to using his uncle’s name. He said, ‘He kept saying,’ My uncle is here, my uncle is that ‘. Sneering, he further said that he is not talented enough to give a hit show without naming his mother?

    The fight began with a tweet from Kashmir
    Sunita said the rift between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek has been going on for the last three years when Krishna’s wife Kashmiri tweeted that ‘some people are dancing for money’. ‘Sunita believes that this post refers to Govinda.

    The distance will never decrease
    Will the distance between the two families ever decrease? Answering this question, he said, ‘It will never happen. Three years ago I said that these are things that cannot be solved while I am alive. You can’t abuse family names. If we grow up, we will rise above our heads and misbehave. What if we told Krishna to leave the house at the time of my mother-in-law’s death? Those who have raised them have gone down with them in their barbarism. All I can say is that these problems will never be solved and I don’t want to see his face in my life anymore. ‘

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