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    Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh sues his first wife, says ‘death threat’

    Mumbai: When Rakhi Sawant spoke about her husband Ritesh, the audience was amazed. Netizens call Rakhi Sawant’s marriage a publicity stunt. Surprisingly, Ritesh already has a wife who has made serious allegations against him. Let us tell you that Ritesh has revealed a lot about his marriage (Rakhi Sant Swami Ritesh Marriage Life).

    Ritesh made various allegations against his first wife Snigdha
    Ritesh’s first wife’s name is Snigdha Priya. He said in an interview with SpotBoy that his first wife had moved in with another man. “When he came back to me, I adopted him because of my son, but he left again,” Ritesh said.

    Ritesh wants to get a divorce from his first wife
    Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh then filed for divorce. Ritesh says he has received death threats from his first wife’s parents, but they are calm because of the son.

    Ritesh said he would take legal action against his first wife. “I have not taken any legal action against him because of my son, but I will take legal action this time,” he said. Ritesh wants to file a mental harassment case against his first wife Snigdha and her family.

    Ritesh has dismissed the allegations of his first wife
    Although Ritesh’s first wife has made many allegations against him, he has denied all these allegations. He couldn’t defend himself because he was in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Ritesh said of his first wife, ‘How can I put my hand on her when she is not with me.’

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