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    Raj Anadkat shared the post in the news of his relationship with Munmun Dutt, people said – ‘Where is Babita Ji’

    Mumbai: ‘‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ TV show’s ‘Tapu’ meaning Raj Anadkat and ‘Babita Ji’ meaning Moonmoon Dutt are in a lot of headlines nowadays. The relationship between the two is ongoing, the report said. However, the two have not yet said anything publicly about their relationship. This news surprised people. In the meantime, ‘Tapu’ i.e. Raj Anadkat has shared his picture on social media, after which his fans started asking him about ‘Babita Ji’ i.e. Munmun Dutt.

    Actor Raj Anadkat shared some pictures on his Instagram account, he greeted the fans by posting on Ganesh Chaturdashi. Sharing his picture, he wrote in the caption of the post, ‘Ganapati Bappa Moriya, Lord Ganesha wish you and your family good health, happiness and prosperity.’ Soon after this post, Raj’s fans started asking him questions about Moonmoon Dutt. With a joke, his fans are asking a lot of questions by commenting on Raj’s post. Fans are missing Munmun Dutt in Raj’s post.

    Raj Anadkat shared his picture on social media. Credit: @raj_nadakat Instagram

    One user commented, ‘Setting up with Babita J. Have fun bro. Another wrote, ‘You became a big heavy driver.’ Another asked where is Babita G? It is heard that in real life, Babita ji i.e. Munmun Dutt is having a love affair with Jethalal’s son Tapu i.e. Raj Anadakat. According to an Times report, Moonmoon Dutt is dating Raj Andakat. The two have been in a love affair for a long time. Raj Munmun is about 9 years younger than Dutt.

    “Every member of ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Olta Chashma’ is aware of what is going on between the two,” the report said. A source close to the matter said, ‘The family members of Munmun Dutt and Raj Andakat also have all the information about them both. The team on the show considers the relationship between the two with respect. No one makes fun of the two. The two do not save time with each other. The two have been in love for a long time, which means they have been dating for a long time. Even then this thing was not exposed to the public.

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