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    Praveen Kumar has appealed to the government for help in ‘Mahabharat’s Bhim’ Pai-PK

    Do you remember ‘Mahabharata’, which came on Doordarshan almost 3 decades ago, which was re-aired on Doordarshan on Lockdown last year. 30 years ago, there was a show on ‘Mahabharat’ TV, for which people used to gather in the villages, in the countryside. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Gadadhari Bhim was one of the actors who played their respective roles in the show. Praveen Kumar Sobti has played the role of Bhim. She recently celebrated her 74th birthday, but is now fascinated by the veteran pie pie His financial situation is so bad that he has now appealed to the government for help.

    Pension has been requested for 74 years of life
    Veteran Kumar Sobti, who is more than 6 feet tall, has made a special place in people’s hearts with his performance. Today, after 64 years of life, I am longing for the elderly pie. Till now he was somehow making his living, but now it is becoming difficult to survive, so he has applied to the Punjab government for a pension to survive.

    Praveen complained to the Punjab government
    According to media reports, the actor said in his complaint that all the governments formed in Punjab have complained that all the players who play in the Asian Games or win medals are given pensions. But I have been deprived of this right.

    Has made the name of the country high in sports
    The veteran, who has won many gold, silver medals at the Olympics, then the Asian, Commonwealth twice, won the highest sports award ‘Arjuna Award’ in 1967. ‘Bhim’, who made a successful journey from sports to film glamor, is now facing financial crisis. Praveen Kumar Sobti is a resident of a village called Sarhali near Amritsar in Punjab.

    Don’t open the relationship
    In an interview, Bhim of TV said that Corona has told the truth about the relationship. All relationships are hollow. When they get any support in difficult times, they also run away. Praveen said that now his health is not good, there are many types of food in the diet. His wife takes care of him.

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