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    Kundli Bhagya December 27 Update: Preeta has become the new concubine of Luthra House, Prithvi has got a big push

    New Delhi: As shown in ‘Kundli Bhagya’ (Kundli Bhagya 26th December Update), on Monday 26th December, Prithvi called Preeta very bad and said that her lifestyle would have been better if Preeta had married him instead. He showed his hatred towards Preeta because he was the one who sent Prithvi to jail. He showed the price of his shoes and watch and said that these are one lakh 10 lakh rupees. He claims to be a dictator and owner of Luthra House.

    He tells Preeta to leave with cash. Preeta takes cash and donates to the temple. He said that Prithvi had illegally occupied Luthra’s property but Prithvi called him greedy and told him to leave. Samir warns her to behave properly but Preeta says she doesn’t need anyone’s support. He insults the world terribly. Preeta says she can keep him on salary.

    When Charlene tries to interfere between the two, Kritika thinks that Preeta has gone mad. Soon, Preeta reveals to everyone that Mahesh Luthra has given her the power of attorney for the Luthra business. He further said that he is the beneficiary of all the revenue coming from Rishabh’s event company and he will decide who he chooses for business cooperation. At the same time, he added that Luthra Mansion is his.

    Hearing all this, Prithvi shouted loudly and lost her temper saying that Mahesh has given authority and power in her name. Preeta corrects him and says that it happened two years ago but now Mahesh has canceled it and given business and power in his name. Preeta asks Rakhi to look at the original paper. Preeta says that Mahesh signed the papers on Diwali a year ago because he thinks she is his daughter.

    At the same time, family members are worried about Mahesh’s mental condition. To explain this, Preeta says that Mahesh had brought a doctor with him when he signed the paper, who said that he was mentally well. Mahesh apologized to Preeta and voluntarily gave the property in her name.

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