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    Kundali Bhagya 28th Dec Update: Preeta shook the world, shocked family members too!

    New Delhi: In ‘Kundli Bhagya 26th December Update’, on Tuesday 26th December, it was shown that Preeta has revealed how she deserves more Luthra property than Prithvi. She explains how she became the caretaker and personal physician of the whole family in order to get closer to him. He claims that his marriage to Karan made him entitled to Luthra Mansion. He says that Mahesh got more than what he wanted because he was his father’s favorite.

    Preeta asks Prithvi what did you do to get the property? She says she doesn’t need anyone’s comfort. He came back only for his rights, money and property which he wanted from the beginning. Kareena says she always knew about Preeta’s motives. Krittika regrets to shower love on Preeta like her sister. Here Bani goes and tries to wake Karan so that he can show him the truth of his wife.

    Rakhi is not willing to accept this form of Preeta. He said that Preeta takes care of the family and she cannot do all this. He said how Preeta did not allow Kritika to marry Akshay or Prithvi because she knew they were bad. He says how Preeta tried to get Rishabh out of jail, even Karan’s drug case was on his forehead. Preeta said that she did all this to be good in Mahesh’s eyes.

    Bani and Samir constantly wake up Karan and try to get him to drink lemonade. They try to force Preeta down and show her the truth. Preeta says that Prithvi and she are two sides of the same coin but the difference is that she is good and the other is Satan. Preeta further said that if she runs Luthra’s house, she will get along better with family members than Prithvi.

    Kareena calls him greedy and middle class. Preeta tells him what it means to be middle class and she gives Charlene all the documents so that she can read aloud because everything that is happening seems to be bothering the earth.

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