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    Kumkum Bhagya 27th Dec Update: Shahana took Ranbir’s class, Riyadh’s tension increased!

    New Delhi: In the December 27 update of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’, it was shown that Pallavi gets angry on the wall, when Prachi insults Pallabi and says that he will not tolerate wrongdoing. Dida is happy to see this new look on the wall. A guest at a party suffocates after eating a cheese starter. Seeing this, Riya and Alia fell into tension. Vikram immediately called the doctor.

    Prachi impresses everyone at the party with her smartness. Rhea is upset to see Prachi getting praise from everyone. Pallavi also thanked Prachi. Shahana goes to Ranbir and asks what happened between him and the wall. After hearing his whole story, Ranbir told him to decide exactly what was wrong. She tells him the whole story of Prachi and Siddhartha’s hotel room. Hearing Prachi’s suspicion, Shahana gets angry.

    He said that if he had listened to the wall and understood what had happened, the two would probably have lived together. He went and hugged Prachi. He asks Prachi why he didn’t tell her. Tears in the eyes of the wall. Dida tells Pallavi not to announce Ranbir and Riya’s reception as Prachi will not tolerate it. Pallavi says he wants Prachi to leave the party. Dida hopes to support Ranbir Prachi.

    Shahana comforts Prachi. Rhea says the wall was a well-thought-out plan to impress the guest. Shahana said, Prachi has always been everyone’s favorite. When Riya insults Shahana, Prachi protects Shahana. Riya goes to Ali. Ranbir tells Shahana that Prachi is angry with him. Prachi says that Ranbir never tried to talk to him and asked him why he did not stop Prachi.

    Alia told the guest about Riya. Pallavi says he wanted Riya and Ranbir to get married. Vikram says that during Riya and Ranbir, Pallavi was happier than her marriage. Prachi here asks Ranbir if he has changed his mind? Ranbir wants Prachi to admit his mistake. Riya takes Ranbir with her. At the same time, Pallavi told everyone about the game of blindfold.

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