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    Kapil Sharma escapes from Maldives by tweeting intoxicated, this time leaked his Netflix video

    The biggest name of comedy in the world of TV is Kapil Sharma. Kapil, who has become a comedy king from house to house with his shows, has been seen on TV laughing and joking about ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on the one hand, and controversy in his life on the other. But now Kapil will be seen for the first time speaking openly and informing the world about all these controversies in his real life. In fact, Kapil today Netflix Upcoming new shows ‘Kapil Sharma: I’m not finished yet’ The tax has been declared. Even though people were just guessing what would be new in Kapil’s show, Kapil himself leaked a video clip of his show.

    Actually This special Netflix show ‘Kapil Sharma: I’m not finished yet’ Kapil will have a standup, where he will be seen talking about his real life. Kapil’s show will be released on Netflix on January 28. With this show, Kapil is entering the OTT world for the first time. Kapil said in his inaugural video that the show will see him talking about his personal life.

    At the same time, Kapil shared a video of his standup show, with the caption, “Don’t tell Netflix that I leaked footage of the show.” In this video, Kapil talks about the controversy surrounding himself, when he tweeted a lot while intoxicated. Kapil used a lot of obscene words in these tweets.

    The video shows Kapil saying, ‘I left Maldives quickly. I told the hoteliers to give me a room where there is no internet, they said they are married. So I said, ‘No, I tweeted.’ I spent 9 lakh rupees for as long as I was there. I did not spend as much on education in my life as I did on writing that one line.

    “I want to sue on Twitter,” Kapil said. They often write ‘manipulated tweets’ in political tweets and then write’ drunk tweets’ (drunk tweets) just ignoring in front of my tweets. ‘ My money would have survived.

    There is a lot of controversy in Kapil’s life, from the insults of the media in a drunken state to the insults of his own comedians on his return from Australia. It will be interesting to see which pages Kapil will open in this show.

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