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    Coffee Shot With Karan: Not Bachelor … Sara Ali Khan Wants These Married Actors In Her Own

    Mumbai: ‘Atarangi Re’ starring Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar and Dhanush is set to release on OTT platform on December 24. In such a situation, Sara and Dhanush are busy promoting the film in full force. Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan have now arrived on Karan Johar’s show ‘Coffee Shots With Karan’ to promote their upcoming film. In Karan Johar’s chat show, both the stars have discussed many issues like shooting of their films, behind the scenes. This time Sarah was also seen talking about her self.

    A promo for doing Coffee Shot With is also circulating on social media. Which started from Johar. Who introduced Dhanush as a ‘powerhouse performer’ on the show and called Sara Ali Khan a ‘beautiful and extremely talented actress’.

    After that, Karan starts a conversation with the two of them. Meanwhile, Dhanush tells Karan about his habit of talking less and says that I will try my best to contribute something to your show. After that, Karan asks Dhanush what he will do if he wakes up one morning like Rajinikanth. In reply Dhanush said that I always want to be Rajinikanth.

    Next, Karan asks Sara Ali Khan which four actors she would like to see on her own. In response, Sara Ali Khan named Ranbir Singh, Vijay Deberkonda, Vicky Kaushal and Varun Dhawan. After hearing this, Karan said, I hope the wives of all these actors will also be able to see it. Then Sara replied, “I hope her husband will see her too.”

    Dhanush also started laughing in surprise when he heard Sara’s answer. Let me tell you, Sara Ali Khan was a part of Karan Johar’s chat show before. She was part of the show with her father and Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. At the same time, it will be the first time for Dhanush, when he has taken part in Karan Johar’s show.

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