Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Sethi asks her mother – Isn’t Rakesh sweet, what did Sunanda Sethi say

Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Sethi asks her mother - Isn't Rakesh sweet, what did Sunanda Sethi say

Mumbai: Big Boss OTT is now nearing its end. The show now has 6 contestants and the eyes of the entire country are on who will be the winner of the show. In the final episode of the event, Family Day was organized where family members of all the contestants arrived to meet them. At this time, Shamita Sethi’s Mao came to meet her. Seeing her mother, Shamita Sethi became emotional and talked to her a lot.


Shamita Sethi also talked about Rakesh Bapat with her mother. Sunanda Sethi meets everyone at home as soon as she arrives and congratulates all the participants. In addition, Rakesh also tells Bapat how he is doing in the game.

Shamita asked …
Shamita Shetty asks her mother about Rakesh Bapat and says if she is not sweet. In this regard, he says, ‘She is very sweet. He is a gentleman. Shamita also told him that all the members of the house told him to sit down, did he sit down? His mother said about this, you did not bring a golden horn on your head. You came to this show like a normal girl. People bully you and you are like an ordinary girl in the house. There is no need to change yourself for others. I know what you know I’ll say what the world is thinking. They think you are the queen who lives in their heart. I know you don’t deserve a lot of things that bother you. There are ups and downs in life.

Play your game
Sunanda Sethi is telling Rakesh whether his game is good or bad. Do not change their personality or who they are. Do not change anything in it.

Ask about Shilpa
When Shamita Sethi also asked her mother about Shilpa Sethi, Sunanda Sethi said that Shilpa is fine. She misses you a lot and when she is busy with her work, she keeps taking all the updates from me.

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