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    Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Agarwal scoffs at Pratik Sahajpal, says ‘Ticket to Final’ has been canceled because of you

    This week was very special for Big Boss OTT. The final race is very close now. Even in recent episodes, the house was very hot. In the recent episode, the ‘Ticket to the Final’ is the second round of the task. But due to the stubbornness of the symbol Sehajpal, the Bigg Boss had to make a difficult decision and he ruled that the work of ‘Ticket to the Final’ was canceled. After this announcement, Divya Agarwal’s fierce face was seen and she became furious over the symbol.

    In fact, Divya Agarwal got a direct entry into the second round of tickets to the finals. In this round, he faced Neha Vasin. Divya has won this round and she has reached the final of the race ticket.

    Allegations of breaking work rules against the symbol
    After Divya and Neha, there was a fight between Rakesh Bapat and Pratik Sahajpal. The market immediately threw the symbol Rakesh’s jar and immediately picked up his jar. During this time, all members of the family accused Pratik of violating the rules of work. Everyone started screaming.

    This was the rule of work
    According to the rules of the task, both players have to walk on the red ramp carrying their jars and pour water into each other’s jars. While walking on their ramps they had to pick up their own jars from each other and snatch or throw them away. Pratik did to Rakesh what he did with Shamita last time, but at that time Shamita cast a shadow over Pratik. This time too the trick of the symbol did not work and Muz Jatana, who was playing the game, chose Rakesh as the finalist, after which the symbol became very angry.

    Big Boss criticizes the symbol
    Family members said Moz’s decision was right, the symbol was wrong. When Big Boss asked all family members to come inside the house, Symbol opened his mic and sat in the garden area. Do not accept symbols after repeatedly persuading family members. After that, Bigg Boss criticized each other a lot and canceled the tickets for the final round.

    Divya did not forgive everyone
    After this decision, Divya became very angry at the symbol. He said that due to his stubbornness, he lost the opportunity to get a ‘final ticket’ from his hands today. This time there was a lot of heat between the two. However, after some time, Neha Vasin explained to Pratik, after which Pratik apologized to everyone. But Divya made it clear that she did not accept his apology.

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