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    Bigg Boss 15: Tejaswi Prakash’s parents had such a relationship, he said- ‘Relatives will kill my mother …’

    Royal Prakash (Tejasvi Prakash) is a strong contender for ‘Bigg Boss 15’. He has been entertaining his fans since he entered the show. In the last episode of the show, Tejaswi Prakash reveals some bitter things about his childhood. In front of Shamita Sethi and Pratik Sahajpal, he talks about his childhood and family. Tejaswi revealed how their parents were separated from each other for a few years after their marriage and were able to maintain their relationship.

    The parents did not allow the relationship to break up

    Tejaswi Prakash tells Shamita and Pratik that soon after the marriage, her mother’s relatives started abusing her when her father left her and her husband left her. Tejaswi also explained how he used to go to Dubai every 6 months to meet his father. Tejaswi said, “My father went to Dubai soon after the marriage and he did not return for about a year and a half. Relatives made all sorts of things, but my parents wouldn’t let them break up. They used to write letters to each other. Also called ISD calls, international calls were very expensive at that time.

    Teja had to go to Dubai every 6 months

    “A year later, my father bought a house and a car of his own and then he called my mother to him,” he said. Tejaswi further said that my father had taken the citizenship of Dubai and I too had become a citizen of that place, due to which I had to go to Dubai every six months.

    Proud of parents

    Tejaswi Prakash also shared her thoughts on marriage and relationship in a conversation with Shamita and Pratik. “I agree that any relationship or marriage is not perfect, but I am proud of my parents,” she said. At this time Tejaswi also became emotional.

    Sometimes love with Karan, sometimes quarrel

    Tejaswi Prakash is playing the game in his own style in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. He is also seen in love with Karan Kundra at this time. The two also argue with each other, but together they are also seen taking care of each other. Fans are liking the chemistry of Teja-Karan.

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