BB OTT: Everyone gave important tips about his sister Neha, can change the strategy of the game

BB OTT: Everyone gave important tips about his sister Neha, can change the strategy of the game

Mumbai: The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Bigg Boss OTT. During the last week of the show, all the contestants’ family members came to visit them and also explained their game strategy. All the contestants of the show have gained popularity in a very short time. The symbol Sehajpal has also become a famous contestant inside the house. On the family day, her sister came to see the symbol, whom the contestants were moved to tears.


The symbol Sahajpal has emerged as a strong competitor. Her chemistry with Neha Vasin inside the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ is going very well. The two have moved very close to each other inside the house, but the sister who came to meet Pratik on family days advised her to be careful with Neha Vasin.

A promo of Bhut has been shared on social media, showing that Pratik Sahajpal is so emotional when he sees his sister that he cannot hold back his tears and starts crying. Seeing Pratik crying, his sister explained to him that ‘Mama is also proud of you’. After that, he advises her to ‘stay away from Neha, then she says there is only friendship. In this regard, the sister says that everything has a limit. No friends here. In such a situation, there is speculation as to whether Pratik will change his tactics to win now.

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Earlier, a video of Pratik and Neha Vasin was released, where Neha and Pratik were seen fighting over love and fun. The symbol in the video is trying to bring Neha down, Neha is also seen using her power. Neha pulls out the symbolic T-shirt during the fight and cries. In the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, the rest of the contestants also find more relationship between them than friendship. In such a situation, it will be a matter of seeing how much Pratik obeys the sister’s advice.

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