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    BB-15: After a long time, Shamita cried when she saw Shilpa Sethi, Salman too became emotional.

    Mumbai: The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 will see a lot of excitement and emotion. This weekend and New Year’s Eve on the set of Bigg Boss 15, many celebrities will be seen splashing entertainment. At the same time, this episode is going to be very emotional for the contestants. Especially for Shamita Sethi, who is going to see her sister and Bollywood actress Shilpa Sethi after a long time. The meeting of Shamita and Shilpa is going to be very emotional not only for the two sisters but also for the audience.

    Shilpa Sethi also shared a glimpse of it on her Instagram account, to see how the whole home environment changes when she sees Shilpa Sethi. Shamita and Shilpa became very emotional, which made the family members and Salman Khan himself very emotional.

    In the promo, Salman Khan tells the family that a call is coming, for you. Then Shilpa Sethi entered through TV. Seeing Shilpa, Shamita becomes emotional and starts screaming with joy. Shilpa calls Shamita Tunki-Tunki and says- ‘Babu I love you. Shamita and I have never been so far apart in my life. For so long. ‘ Later Shilpa also started crying.

    Shilpa tells Shamita that she doesn’t want Shamita to cry. “We are each other’s strengths,” he added. Shamita is the winner for me. This video of Shamita and Shilpa is very emotional. Shilpa has been supporting her sister Shamita since the beginning and has also been sharing posts for her on social media.

    Shilpa has often been seen supporting her sister through social media. Shilpa and Shamita are very close to each other and have been seen hanging out together on every occasion. The two sisters had never been so far away before coming to Big Boss, when they saw each other and became emotional.

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