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    Asim Riaz scolds fans over Shahnaz Gill’s dance video, says ‘shameful’

    Siddhartha After the death of Shukla (Siddhartha Shukla), Shehnaz Gill became less active on social media. Shahnaz was devastated by Siddhartha’s untimely death. But now he is slowly forgetting his grief and trying to get back to work. Only a few brand endorsement videos can be seen on his social media. Also, he is rarely seen at social events. Recently, Shehnaz Gill was seen dancing at the engagement ceremony of her manager Kaushal Joshi. Fans are very happy to see Shahnaz laughing and dancing like this. But Asim Riaz, who was his co-contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, probably didn’t like Shahnaz’s dance. He also tweeted about it.

    Asim Riaz is badly trolled

    Shehnaz Gill’s dance video has gone viral on social media. In this situation, Asim Riaz wrote in his tweet, ‘Just watch some dance clips … How quickly people forget their favorite people seriously, what’s the matter, what’s the matter #NewWorld. It is clear from this tweet who he was referring to. Fans of Shahnaz Gill are angry with Asim Riaz over this tweet. Following Riaz’s tweet, fans slammed him. One by one the users kept telling Asim Riaz a lot.

    Asim was mocking Shahnaz with his tweet (Photo courtesy twitter / asimriyaz)

    Asim’s fans have just scolded him

    One of Asim’s fans wrote, ‘Honestly, Asim didn’t expect this from you. I have been your fan for the last 2 years. Someone was trying to move on from a bad day and was abusing him… I was glad to see him that way because I was going through the same ordeal of losing someone. Shame on Asim Riaz.

    Fans expressing their anger at Asim (Photo courtesy Twitter)

    Shahnaz looked very pretty at the party

    Shahnaz arrived on the occasion of her manager’s engagement, she was wearing a black shiny gown and tied a loose pony. Shahnaz looked very beautiful. Fans were quite happy to see him like this. Many people including Kashmira Shah, Mona Lisa, Georgia Adriani and Paritosh Tripathi reached this engagement.

    This photo was shared by Paritosh Tripathi (Photo courtesy instagram / iaiamparitoshtripathi)

    Seen in ‘Bigg Boss 13’

    Shahnaz Gill was a very special friend of the late Siddhartha Shukla. He died of a heart attack this year at the age of 40. The two first met in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. The two came close on this show. Both were famous among the fans as Sidnaz. Asim Riaz was also present in this event.

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