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    Anupamaa 5th Feb Update: Anupamaa made a big decision, shocked Anupamao!

    In ‘Anupama’, Saturday 5th February (Update written by Anupama on 5th February) it was shown that Anupama explained to Anuj that he was just leaving his house. Not his heart. He told Anuj to take care of Malvika and not to worry about her. Anuj holds Anupama’s pallu and says that he does not want to lose her or Malvika. Anuj further said that he has made a big decision and asked Anupama if she would support him.

    Anupama tells Anuj that she will always support him. Anupama asks Anuj about her decision but Anuj tells her that she will find out about it the next day. Anupama wonders what Anuj will decide. The next day Anupama feeds Anuj curd and says that she knows that her decision will be right. Here, Banaraja wonders why Malvika called him to the office so early.

    Banaraja will go to the office but Bapuji stops him and angrily tells him not to go anywhere. Banaraja says that he will not listen to them and leaves the office. Banraj arrives at the office and asks Malvika what she has decided. Malvika tells him that Anuj has transferred everything in his name and has not told him about it. Even Anupama has transferred all her shares to Anuj.

    Banraj was shocked to hear this. He began to imagine himself in the young man’s cabin. Anupama asks Anuj why he made such a big decision. Anupama also seems annoyed with Anuj. Anuj says he thinks Malvika is ready to take charge of the company. He doesn’t know but maybe Malvika wants him to leave. On hearing this, Banaraja became worried.

    Anuj says that she was just an orphan child, Malvika is the real mistress of everything. He says he has defended the business for a long time and now he should retire. He asked to support Anupama.

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