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    Anupama December 22 Written Update: Anuj apologizes to Anupama, Malvika makes a big decision

    New Delhi: ‘Anupama’ on Wednesday 22nd December (Update written by Anupama on 22nd December) showed that all the events of the past came before Anuj and he became emotional. He blames himself for his parents’ deaths. Anupama explains and comforts Anuj. Anupama says that what happened in the past should not affect the present because she has worked hard to reach what she is today.

    Anuj tells Anupama that Malvika sometimes feels lonely but she does not share her feelings. She has always shown everyone that she is a strong woman. Anuj apologizes to Anupama for not talking about Malvika and also says that Malvika feels bad for not telling him what is happening in her life. Anupama feels bad for Anuj.

    Anuj tells Anupama that their relationship will be restored with time and Malvika will also realize her mistake. Here, Kavya feels humiliated for being ignored by Banaraja. Banaraja tells him to stay away from his affairs. Kavya remembers the moments spent and she realizes that everything was fine until Anuj came into her life. Meanwhile, Malvika goes to Anupama’s house with GK and calls Anuj because she wants her brother to stay with her before going abroad.

    GK prays to God that there will be peace in the house because Malvika’s question can make anyone unhappy. Malvika calls everyone and says that Anupama has fallen in love with Anuj but has failed to reveal her. On the other hand, Samar appreciates seeing the change in Banaraja and thinks that he will definitely succeed in his life because he is moving forward with a good mentality.

    Nandini asks Samar to accept Banaraja as her father as she is trying hard to get everything back to normal. Samar further tells Nandini that he should have talked about marriage with Anupama but he did not want to bother her because she is already suffering a lot.

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