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    Picnic Spots in Delhi-NCR: Plan Picnics in These Beautiful Places Around Delhi

    Picnic spot in Delhi-NCR: If you are in Delhi-NCR and you are fond of winter picnics, we are going to tell you about some places that you can easily take a day off and visit with friends, family and friends. You can enjoy a picnic. This will prove to be a good and cheap trip for you. Also, here you can have a lot of fun with friends, partner or family. Following the Corona protocol, if you want to avoid crowded places and spend some good time, then places around Delhi may prove to be right for you. It would be fun to have a picnic here. Let’s find out what those places are.

    Sultanpur National Park
    Sultanpur National Park is the best place for bird lovers. For almost a hundred years, this place has been attracting tourists with its bird and lake beauty. Exotic birds start coming here from September and they rest in the lake and surrounding areas till March. About 250 species of birds are found here. Located about 40 kilometers from Delhi, this place is a great tourist destination where you can come back after a day’s picnic.

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    Chawla Kanganhedi Eco Tourism Park
    An eco-tourism park has been set up in the Najafgarh area of ​​Delhi under the Delhi Tourism Project. On weekends you can have a good time with your family at this park. This eco-tourism park is designed in the shape of an island with greenery all around, a hut-shaped restaurant and a small canal. Some bridges have also been built over this canal, where you can stand and take good pictures and make your every moment memorable. It is also a good picnic spot.

    Naini Lake
    Here you can enjoy better at lower cost. Naini Lake is located in the Model Town of Delhi. You can reach here for only 100 rupees. The cost of staying and eating here all day is less than 500 rupees. The lake is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will find comfort in the beautiful scenery here. Even if you are going with family, it is a great tourist destination and it can be a great option for a picnic.

    Okhla Bird Sanctuary
    About 300 species of birds are found here. This place is on the border of Delhi and Noida. Here you will also see migratory birds from far and wide. It will also be a good experience in the middle of the natural scene. Here you can picnic with friends or family members.

    Damdama Lake
    If you want to have a picnic with your family, there is no better place than this. Here you can have a good time with your family. The lake is located about 60 km from Delhi. Here you can enjoy boating. It is known as Damdama Lake. This weekend can be a cheap and great trip.

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    Silisad Lake
    It is located in Alwar, Rajasthan. You have to walk a short distance to reach here. In addition to boating you can enjoy scuba diving, jet skiing and water jerking here. It is a wonderful tourist destination. Alwar itself is very beautiful. Coming here in the midst of the coming mild cold will give you a unique feeling. You will never forget the beautiful scenery here.

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