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    Sania Mirza praises biryani in Karachi, raises slogans in Punjabi in Lahore

    New Delhi. The best female tennis player in the world Sania Mirza (Sania Mirza) is currently in Pakistan, where her father-in-law is also staying. Her husband and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik (Shoaib Malik) is also present. The top Indian player is also promoting his perfume brand. A video clip of him is going viral on social media.

    Sania Mirza She arrived in Pakistan to promote her perfume. One of his videos is going viral so he can be seen chanting slogans in Punjabi. As soon as he gave the slogan, the people present also shouted and fulfilled that slogan. Sania Mirza, famous for her smash hits, also visited Lahore and Karachi.

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    The special thing is that Sania Mirza is from the southern Indian state of Hyderabad but she is reading Punjabi and chanting slogans in Pakistan. On arrival in Lahore, he was given a warm welcome. A large number of people came to see him at a glance. Sania Mirza talks to fans at a shopping mall in Lahore. When he raised the slogan – ‘Jinne Lahore Na Vekhya (Those who have not seen Lahore)’. In response, fans complete the slogan, “Oh Jammia hi nahi (he’s not at all).”

    At the same time when Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza arrived in Karachi, many people also arrived. When Sania was asked about the most delicious food in Karachi, she said, “I believe if you don’t eat potato biryani after you come to Karachi, then what have you eaten.”

    This time he was asked, ‘Well, you have our biryani experience. How do the people of Karachi like biryani? ‘ In reply, Sania said, ‘Look, I am from Hyderabad, where biryani is very famous. I mean, when I say Karachi biryani is very good, then understand that Karachi biryani is very good.

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