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    Rohan Bopanna says playing single player in doubles format is good for tennis

    New Delhi. An experienced tennis player from India Rohan Bopanna (Rohan Bopanna) believes that the presence of tennis players playing doubles in a single format is good for this game. Bopanna said it brings more fans to the stadium and helps promote the doubles format. Single matches are the center of attraction in any tournament but day by day the dual format is becoming more competitive as the top singles players are also playing in it.

    Due to this the double match is getting more exciting and difficult. Players playing in this format were predominant when only doubles rankings were considered, but top players also began to play doubles matches as single rankings were considered. This has made it difficult for dual players to maintain their dominance.

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    Rohan Bopanna He said that it is not possible to say for sure whether it is good or bad but the presence of single players gives an advantage. Asked if it would be better to allow only dual experts to play in this format, Bopanna said, “It’s a strange situation. Many players in single format play doubles matches to improve their game. Dennis Shapovalov (Bopanna’s partner) loves to play doubles and at the same time he is learning a lot, be it return or volley or accuracy in return, which helps him a lot in singles.

    “Today I know that access to all the tournaments is becoming increasingly difficult because there are so many singles players playing doubles matches,” he said. The veteran Indian tennis player said, “It would be great for players in the doubles format, if the old rules were applied where only doubles rankings were considered, this change would not happen. So it is very important to maintain the rankings while playing at the top level, otherwise it will be difficult to get a place in the 500 and 1000 level tournaments.

    Bopanna will challenge compatriot Ramkumar Ramanathan at the Tata Open Maharashtra. The problem has been debated in the past when doubles players felt that single players were taking their place. Such players get a chance to improve the game by practicing well and playing doubles matches, but doubles players rely only on this format.

    India’s Arjun Kadhe recently said that he has decided to focus more on doubles and top singles player Yuki Vambrio has said that he will actively challenge the doubles format. Bopanna hopes that some of the young players of the current generation will soon take on their shoulders.

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