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    Success Story: Meeting the new Vice Chancellor of DU, the Vice Chancellor has been a Professor for 10 years

    New Delhi. No one can stop you from moving forward in life if you are completely dedicated to your work. New Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Prof. A living example of Yogesh Singh. Even the journey was not easy for him, but he never let his soul weaken. Pro. Yogesh Singh was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University in September 2021. Then on October 9, he took charge of the Vice-Chancellor. Pro. Singh has traveled from professor to university vice-chancellor in 10 years, let’s find out about his struggling journey.

    Never lose focus
    Pro. Yogesh Singh has always been at the top of studies. He says the biggest reason for his success is that he has done everything in his life with full concentration. Pro. Singh holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra, Haryana. Then at the age of 35 he became a professor. It took him only 10 years from professor to vice chancellor. Yogesh Singh first became the Vice Chancellor of MS University in Baroda, Gujarat in 2011. He was 45 years old then.

    He has been the Vice Chancellor of three universities before DU
    Pro. Before DU, Yogesh Singh was the Vice Chancellor of 3 universities. The special thing is that he got the responsibility of the second term vice chancellor in these three universities. Yogesh was the Vice Chancellor of MS University, Gujarat, Netaji Subhash University of Technology (NSUT), Delhi and Delhi Technological University, Delhi. Delhi University is the fourth university as its Vice-Chancellor.

    Relationship with Pahsur of Aligarh
    Pro. Yogesh Singh was born on 13 April 1966 in Pahsu area of ​​Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He got his primary education there. His father Shri Niranjan Singh was also a professor. His family with 3 brothers, one sister, wife and 2 children. His wife is the chief engineer of the Haryana government.

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