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    Mother’s Day Special: The mother of three children is a successful business woman, read the success story

    Mother’s Day Special Success Story: On the special occasion of Mother’s Day, read the story of Kunj Yadav, a mother of three who became a successful businesswoman. The story of a mother and a successful business woman tells that women can fulfill their responsibilities in the ups and downs of business as well as family and child responsibilities.

    Joined the business from the age of 14
    At the age of 14, Kunj Yadav joined his father’s business. Her father started teaching her business acumen from an early age. Managing Director of Kunj Jadu Corporation. Founded in 1990, Yadu Corporation is now active in many industries, including real estate, hospitality, sugar and power. Kunj Yadav joined the corporation in 2012. After joining, Kunj started working extensively on improving the quality of the corporation from branding and marketing and packaging. Yadu Corporation has been established as a brand.

    Active participation of women
    He is the best player in netball. He has also become a national level champion in netball. As a working mother, she has paid special attention to diversity in HR policy. As a result, about 30 percent of Jadu Corporation’s workforce today is women. In addition to HR, marketing and sales, women’s active participation is also visible in obsolete departments such as administration and finance.

    Husband and family support
    Her husband and family support her in her business journey after marriage. What she has today has a lot of support from her father, husband and in-laws. Kunj was always encouraged to move forward by the men, fathers and husbands who came into her life. Now their children are also inspired.

    The women spoke openly
    “Today’s women are much smarter than before, be it housework, pregnancy, job or business, women are seeing and understanding much better than before. But in the midst of so many things, it is sad to see that you cannot speak your mind. There is an old saying that if the baby does not cry, even Mao does not eat. Similarly, women need to understand that it is pointless to expect family, co-workers or other people to understand us without speaking openly. The day all the women in the country learn to speak openly, the day will be easier for them.

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