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    Business Idea: Kapil left his excellent job in a bank and became a farmer earning Rs 50 lakh

    Agribusiness concept: The central government’s focus is on employment. But the focus is on starting your own business without getting a job. And of course good results are coming out of it. If a person is self-employed, he can earn more than a job. In addition, you can give jobs to others.

    Now speaking of Kapil, a resident of Sonipat in Haryana, Kapil quit his great job at the bank and did it, which has made him an example in the surrounding area.

    Examples for young people
    Kapil quit his job at the bank and started cultivating guava thinking of starting his own business. This young man from Sonipat is now earning 4 times more than the salary he gets from growing guava. Kapil is not only earning his own living, he is also teaching the youth around him the tricks of earning from the garden.

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    Kapil, a promising young man from Shahjadpur, a small village in Sonipat, started his career in a private bank after finishing his studies. Due to his hard work, Kapil has reached a good position in the bank. And began to receive a handsome salary of about one lakh rupees a month. At that time he was transferred to Gujarat.

    Farmers quit their jobs
    Kapil wanted to live near his village. So he planned to do some business of his own without going to Gujarat. Kapil had agricultural land. Instead of wandering around, Kapil decided to try his hand at field.

    Incidentally, Kapil knew about agriculture due to his ancestral work. But to start farming as a business, Kapil got advice and technical information from agricultural scientists. Kapil then decided to cultivate guava on his land organically. After 3-4 years of hard work, now it is beginning to bear fruit. And the fruit is very beautiful and sweet.

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    Today, the demand for guava from Kapil’s field is not only in Sonipat, but also in many surrounding districts. Soon the farm income is 4 times more than the salary from the job. Guava garden is earning up to 4 lakh rupees per month.

    Different types of guava
    Kapil cultivates 6 varieties of guava in his garden. The quality of many guavas is similar to that of foreign guavas. Kapil doesn’t need to send his guava to the market, the buyers come to the field and buy the guava themselves. According to Kapil, he quit his job and started his own garden and now he is earning millions of rupees a month and he has become a source of inspiration for other young farmers.

    Besides cultivating guava, Kapil is also cultivating lemon. And he is making a good profit by making pickles without selling these organic lemons in the vegetable market. Apart from gardening, Kapil also harvests potatoes and tomatoes during the season.

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