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    The passionate appeal of the Afghanistan Cricket Board to the world – do not close the door for us

    New Delhi. The future of cricket in Afghanistan has been unbalanced since the establishment of the Taliban regime. Cricket Australia, meanwhile, has warned that if the Taliban does not lift its ban on women’s sports, the only Test in Afghanistan will be canceled in November. The Afghanistan Cricket Board is upset over the CA’s decision.

    ACB chief executive Hamid Shinwari on Friday called on Cricket Australia to reconsider its decision not to host Afghanistan’s men’s cricket team for a Test in November. Because this move of his will has already isolated the struggling country from the world.

    With the formation of the interim government in Afghanistan, the Taliban banned women’s participation in cricket and other sports. Due to this, the cloud of crisis has started to turn over the Test status of the Afghan men’s team. Because according to ICC rules, all Test playing countries are required to have a women’s cricket team.

    The CA only warned to cancel the test
    In a statement, ACB CEO Shinwari expressed frustration over the possibility of canceling the only Test between Australia and Afghanistan in November this year. He said the CA should not do that. There are many options besides canceling this historic and important test. But instead of giving any option, CA is trying to cancel the match.

    Don’t close the door for us: ACB
    “We urge Cricket Australia and the entire cricket world not to close the door for us in this difficult time, but to go with us,” Shinwari added. Do not isolate us and do not punish us for the cultural and religious environment of the country. We acknowledge that CA sees cricket as a sport for all and we support the sport for women at all levels.

    Big news for T20 World Cup, the country’s captain has threatened to boycott the tournament over the Taliban issue

    ‘CA and the whole cricket world should support us’
    “We also understand that recent media reports have quoted the Taliban as saying that women’s cricket will not be supported in Afghanistan,” she said, adding that the CA had refused to hold scheduled Test matches. There is no alternative but to do it. Shinwari said he feared that if other countries followed in the footsteps of Cricket Australia, Afghanistan would be cut off from the world of cricket and the country’s sport would be shut down.

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    Penn questioned the ICC
    In addition to Cricket Australia, the team’s Test captain Tim Payne has also expressed anger over the ban on women’s cricket in Afghanistan. He said that if this situation continues, many teams may withdraw from next month’s T20 World Cup or refuse to play against Afghanistan. Penn also questioned the intentions of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

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