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    Valentine’s Day 2022: Now on Valentine’s Day, express your love in different languages, not ‘I love you’

    How can I say I love you in different languages: Love can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it’s expressing love or strengthening a relationship, expressing your feelings is very important. Whatever the language, it is important to express love. Many believe that love is language and out of bounds. If your partner is not from your country, then there is a lot of love between the two of you, but this Valentine’s Day, not only because I love you, you can express your love in different languages. Today we are telling you that I love you. It is said in different languages.

    If you are going to send greetings to a special person or you are going to write a special post on social media for him or offer him, then try this time I love you in another language. Let’s find out who says I love you instead of I in any country.

    Valentine’s Day 2022 – Express love in different ways

    You must have heard this song- ‘I love you in English, I love you in Gujarati, I love you in Bengali’ This is the Indian way of expressing love. Now find out how the heart is spoken in other countries.


    People in France say Je t’aime in French to express love.

    I love you in spanish

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    In German it is called Ich liebe dich to express love.


    If you want to say I love you to your partner in Croatian, you can say Volim te.

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    In Italy, people say Ti amo to express their heart.
    Te iubesc in Romanian means ‘I love you’.

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