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    There is nothing wrong with expressing open love, read this report to strengthen the relationship

    Relationship Tips: Nowadays people believe in expressing their love in public. Whether it’s the joy of someone’s arrival in life or the memories of special moments spent in a relationship. People put everything on social media. These pictures show the beautiful beginning or the strength of our relationship. Many times you have noticed that people have different opinions about expressing their love in public or expressing those feelings in public. Some people consider this PDA, i.e. public display of affection, to be wrong. So some people believe in showing their love in public. So there are some people who believe that if one of the spouses or the loving couple avoids expressing their love as a show, this thing can also become a weak link in the relationship. A survey shows that couples who openly express their love are happy and satisfied in their relationship.

    Featured in the UK Metro News Report Psychotherapist Stina Sanders explains, “A study from Ohio State University in the United States found that couples who are physically closer are more likely to be satisfied and happy in their relationship than couples who often avoid showing love to each other.

    What the experts say
    According to psychotherapist Stina Sanders, it is now common for couples to walk hand in hand or kiss in public, fix each other’s clothes, and talk face to face. Young couples openly say that if love is true, then what is the harm in showing it? This means that they have no problem with Public Display of Affection (PDA). Nor do they think he is bad.

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    Some sections of the society also consider it wrong to express love openly. According to social psychology, couples who express their feelings by uploading pictures of their relationship’s sweet chemistry on social media sites or writing posts are very happy with their relationship.

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    Their bonds are also strong and they do not like to neglect their partner. In fact, they believe that their relationship needs to be hidden from society.

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