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    Senior Citizen Self Defense Tips: Protect Yourself From This Crime When You Are Alone At Home, Learn Important Tips

    Senior Citizen Self Defense Tips: It is very easy for any criminal to prey on senior citizens. Most accidents are caused by theft or robbery. Most of the victims of such accidents are elderly people who live alone at home. In such a situation, the issue of Senior Citizen Protection and Senior Citizen Self Defense has become very serious today.

    If you are also an adult and live alone at home, you can protect yourself from crime by keeping certain things in mind. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. So let’s find out what are the self-defense tips for senior citizens (Senior Citizen Self Defense Tips).

    Self-defense tips for senior citizens (Superior) Citizens Self Defense Advice,

    1. Always carry self-defense equipment

    Always carry a pepper spray, red pepper or a small stick with you. If you are alone and suddenly someone attacks you, do not panic at all. Use whatever you have on hand to counter-attack. If you are attacked in the kitchen, make a weapon in the kitchen with the utensils or knives available to you.

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    2. Make a loud noise

    If you think something is going wrong with you, make a noise on your porch or outside. If you have trouble making sounds, you can draw people’s attention with a whistle. You can also keep a whistle with your keys.

    3. Notice the attacker’s weekly points

    Find the point of the attacker’s week and suddenly attack that point. For example, you can hit the attacker’s eyes, nose, ears, etc. You can pierce him with your fingernails, hit him hard on the knee so that he falls down.

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    Keep these things in mind to avoid crime

    Get information about the place before you go anywhere.

    Before following a new route, make sure it’s safe.

    When moving to a new place, keep your body language confident so that the person in front of you does not feel weak.

    Only choose crowded roads and avoid lonely roads.

    – Be very careful on the way and do not walk using the phone. In such a situation, snatching of phone, purse and jewelery is more common.

    Do not display valuables. Do not carry expensive phones, valuable jewelry, etc.

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