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    One wants a serious relationship between two young people – survey reveals

    Indians want serious relations: The Corona epidemic has changed the definition of relationships among young people. Due to the frustration of loneliness and fear of illness, Indian youth no longer believe in casual but serious Relationships Want to maintain trust in each other in the face of adversity. One study found that. Study It has been observed that the real identity of human relationships was seen only during the epidemic. So two is one Youth Now serious and honest Relationships Ambitious.

    The illusion of a casual relationship was shattered
    Indian Express The report quotes a survey as saying that while people understand each other’s importance during the epidemic and support each other, they begin to break all illusions of casual relationships. During the epidemic, the relationship could only be maintained between people who were honest about their relationship. The casual relationship that existed before the epidemic is now breaking down. That is why today more than half of the youth in India want honest and sincere relationships. According to the survey, India is now slowly recovering from the epidemic and young people dating in this situation are starting to build their relationships in a new definition.

    Seeking clarity and trust in relationships
    According to the survey, when it comes to building relationships in front of young people, they want clarity and trust in their relationships. This survey was done by dating app Bumble. Surveys have shown that one in two Indian youths went into a serious and committed relationship during the epidemic. According to the survey, 46 percent of unmarried Indians are looking for a serious and committed relationship in 2021. After the second wave of corona, people in casual relationships begin to suffer a lot of loneliness.

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    Young people want to get married soon from an honest relationship
    One in five young people living in big cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad want to get married directly by establishing an honest relationship. According to the survey, one in three young people are optimistic about their dating after lifting the lockdown, with 33 per cent of unmarried Indians trying to get to know each other better through video dating.

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    Emotional attachment is more important
    Casual relationships were very popular before the epidemic. But now that has largely changed. Most people are running away from pre-epidemic dating rules. When it comes to emotional attachment in a relationship, it is becoming more and more important for young people. When it comes to choosing a partner through dating, 60 percent of teens value emotional attachment while 55 percent say kindness is more important to them. Social welfare and public support are also becoming important for today’s youth.

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