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    New Year’s Resolution 2022: Make these 7 promises to yourself in the new year, the year will pass happily

    New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Like every year, many take New Year’s resolutions before the new year 2022 begins. Although many have the problem that they take the New Year’s resolution on the first day of the year, they stop following it within a few days. If this happens to you, it is important to try to achieve your goals. Create goals that you can easily accomplish. Make a plan first and focus on one goal at a time. By doing this, it will be easier for you to meet your goals for the whole year and you will always be able to motivate yourself for it. Here we are telling you what you can promise yourself this year.

    1. Pay attention to health

    Corona taught us nothing is bigger than health. In that case, promise in the new year that you will maintain a better diet and eat home-made food as much as possible. In addition we must walk in the morning or evening. You must include yoga, pranayama or exercise in your lifestyle.

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    2. Get up early in the morning

    Because of the home office, nowadays many people work all night and stay in bed till dawn. Which has a very bad effect on health. Make a decision in this situation that this year you will wake up before sunrise and do yoga, meditation, etc.

    3. Go to bed early

    Due to internet and mobile, people nowadays spend time in front of TV and mobile till late at night. Due to which sleep patterns are disrupted and it has a bad effect on our body. In this case, decide this year that you will go to bed early and sleep with the mobile.

    4. Give the book time

    Books have always been human guides, friends and teachers. In that case, in the new year, make sure to finish at least 10 to 12 books a year. Believe me, the book will give you a lot of peace of mind.

    5. Save

    Sitting at home, if you start shopping more online these days and start spending on unnecessary things, this year in the new year, promise that you will save well this year. It is better to cook and eat at home without ordering food online, then of course you can save a lot.

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    6. The goal of the relationship

    If your relationship is full of quarrels and bitter memories, you can take a resolution to improve your relationship this year. Promise yourself not to argue, as well as praise your partner and praise him for the good work.

    7. Personality Grooming

    If you want to beautify your personality, lose weight, learn a new job, then promise to do it in this new year.

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