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    New Year 2022: New Year is not always celebrated on January 1, find out the fun history of ‘New Year’

    Happy New Year 2022People all over the world are waiting for January 1 to welcome the new year (Happy New Year 2022) with high expectations. The last two years have been very difficult for mankind. Many are ready to leave the old memories behind and welcome the new year.

    Do you know why New Year is celebrated on 1st January every year? We tell you that this tradition did not last for many centuries. Let’s find out the reasons and history behind the celebration of New Year on January 1.

    March 1 was considered the first month of the year

    Let us inform you that this is not to say that New Year has been celebrated only on January 1 for centuries. The commencement of the celebration as New Year 1 January began on 15 October 1582. Earlier it was celebrated on 25th March and sometimes on 25th December. First, King Numa Pompilas of Rome changed the Roman calendar and considered January to be the first month of the calendar. We tell you that before this change, March was considered the first month.

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    Why March

    The name March is derived from Mars, the god of war in Rome. We tell you that the calendar was first invented at only 10 months. Thus a year had 310 days and a week had 7 days.

    Julius Caesar changed

    It is said that the Roman emperor Julius Caesar started the new year on January 1. The Julius calendar has 12 months in a year. After Julius Caesar met astronomers, the earth revolved around the sun for 365 days and six hours. With this in mind the Julian calendar was made 365 days instead of 310.

    What was the Gregorian calendar

    In 1582, Pope Gregory made a mistake about the leap year in the Julian calendar. The famous religious leader of that time, St. Bead, said that there are 365 days and 5 hours and 48 seconds in a year, not 365 days and 6 hours. In this way a new calendar was created by changing the Roman calendar and from then on the tradition of celebrating the new year started on 1st January.

    What is leap year?

    The leap year concept was given 6 hours left in the day count. This is why every 4 years these 6 hours together become 24 hours i.e. one day. For this reason every fourth year February 29th was created and this year was known as Leap Year.

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    New Year in India

    According to the different provinces and religions of India, everyone celebrates their New Year. For example, the people of Punjab celebrate their new year on 13th April as Baishakhi and the Shikhas celebrate their new year on the second day of Holi in March according to the Nanakshahi calendar. Where people who believe in Jainism celebrate the New Year on the second day of Diwali. It starts from the day after the salvation of Lord Mahavira’s husband. Where New Year is celebrated in Bengal from Poyala Boishakh and from Vikram Samvat according to Hindu calendar. In addition, the beginning of the new year is considered different in many provinces.

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