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    If you are happy, the romance in the relationship will never be less, the relationship will be deeper – research

    The secret of a happy relationship, the importance of happiness: Laughter is an important part of life, it is said that if laughter is present in life then a person can overcome any crisis. And if your spouse is smiling or funny, then half the hardships of life will be reduced in the same way because the most important thing in overcoming stress in difficult times of life is to try to be happy, happy. Atmosphere. That is why it is said that people light up the world with their smiles and funny words. Such happy people are called the pride of the gathering and the life of friends. He makes the environment positive wherever he goes and people like this kind of personality. According to the news published in the daily Bhaskar, the life partner of smiling girls is happier and more satisfied. This study has revealed the secret of happy relationship.

    The report further states that men believe that they can overcome every crisis of life with women who can make them laugh. A survey of married couples from 90 countries, including India, was conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey, involving a total of 20,000 couples. The study found that the companions of smiling women are always smiling and their relationship is beautiful as well as long lasting.

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    There is romance in life
    Also, another study found that fun women also win when it comes to romantic relationships with a partner. The romance never ends in the life of such a couple, but it is always fresh. They never feel annoyed with each other.

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    Women also like men who smile
    The study also found that women themselves prefer men who can make them laugh. Women prefer those who are good at making men laugh. This means that men with a great sense of humor prefer women. And this is why it is an important part of the list of qualifications he has made for marriage.

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