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    Happy New Year 2022: These special games will add to the fun of New Year’s party, the celebration will have a special twist

    New Year’s Party Games: The new year is about to begin. Plans for what can be done in the new year are almost over. If you are planning to host a party in your home on New Year’s Eve, then by now you must have completed the plan. Such as what will be the theme of the party, who will come, what will be the food, how to decorate the house. Now that the house has a New Year’s party, there will be music and explosions that are bound to happen. It can’t happen that there are no songs and dances at the New Year’s party. Now if you want to do something exciting for the guests coming to the house, why not plan some special games at the party this time. Guests will also be entertained by playing games at the party and they will also feel excited. In addition to this, the people who come to the house will also get a good chance to know each other. Find out which games you can use to entertain your New Year’s party.

    Find the resolution
    People often take new resolutions in the new year, so why not look at it in conjunction with the game. Let’s name this game – Find the Resolution. In this game you have to make some slips. Now he is giving blank slips to the guests at the party and asking them to write their resolution in it. Then you have to collect the slips. After that, guests are asked to pick up the slips one by one. Then they will read each other’s New Year’s resolutions.

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    A game of truth and courage
    Truth and Dare is the best game at a New Year’s party. Sit in a circle with guests arriving home and rotate a bottle in the middle. Whoever gets the bottle will have to say 3 things about himself – 2 true and 1 false. Now everyone else has to say which is false and which is true. With this game, you can plan some special small gifts.

    Homemade soft drink shots
    Shots must also be prepared for the guests arriving at the party. Friends can serve cold drinks, milk shakes, cold coffee shots as per their choice. Then make some letters. Now write in this letter – Man’s Black, Milkshake of the Year, Selfie Queen / King Take Cold Drink, Red Dressed Guest Take Cold Coffee Shot. You can prepare the slip as per your choice and give a different style to the party.

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    Chinese checker, ludo or carom
    You can also play different types of games with different types of food at the party if you want. Among these Chinese checkers, ludo and carom are quite famous. It can be played with more than one person at a time. Some good gifts can also be planned for the winners in these games. At the same time, funny punishments can be given to the victims.

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