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    When two bears were playing football after the kids were kicked off the field, a wonderful sight could be seen in the village of Odisha; Watch the video

    Sukhigaon. They say ‘if you really love animals, you don’t keep them in cages’. Now when an animal gets a chance to express joy or excitement in an open environment, the scene will be like Sukhigaon in Nabarangpur, Orissa. Here two bears are seen playing football. If you watch the video carefully, the word ‘play’ may not be correct. Now let’s understand in detail what the matter is.

    In the new age, the freedom that is only visible to the voiceless seems wonderful to both humans and animals. In such a situation, they do not miss a single moment of fun when they come out of the cage world. Two bears were seen playing football in Sukhigaon. Seeing them playing, the children standing around were also seen swaying with joy. The video is being called Sunday.

    Watch the viral video here-

    In fact, according to the Times of India, a group of children were playing football in an open field in the village. He saw two bears walking towards him. In such a situation, he fled from the field in panic and hurriedly left the football there. What was then, the bears took full advantage of this mistake of the kids and took a lot of shots with the football in their possession. Not only that, he also took the ball with him when he returned to the forest.

    A boy playing football said, ‘While we were playing football, two bears suddenly came on the field. We left football and ran. We were shocked to see him play. According to news agency ANI, on Monday, the DFO said it is the normal behavior of animals, where they try to find out about something they have seen for the first time.

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