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    What will happen if Aadhaar is added to the voter list? Official sources said

    New Delhi. Amid opposition’s criticism of the bill to add voter lists to Aadhaar, government sources said on Tuesday that the move would result in the same person’s name appearing on voter lists in different places. Will solve ‘big problems’ and help to ‘clean up’. ‘The list goes on and on. A day earlier, the Lok Sabha passed the Electoral Law (Amendment) Bill, 2021 after a brief discussion. Opposition groups called for the bill to be sent to a parliamentary standing committee.

    According to official sources, the bill includes various election-related reforms, which have been under discussion for some time. He said that the voter list is registered on the basis of the application of the person eligible to be registered as a voter and there is a provision in the bill under which the new applicant will voluntarily submit his Aadhaar number. You can apply for identification purposes.

    Sources said that no application will be rejected for not giving Aadhaar number. He said linking Aadhaar to the voter list would solve “a big problem” related to electoral data management. This problem is related to the same voter registration in different places.

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    Sources said that this could be due to frequent change of residence by voters and enrollment in new places without deleting previous nominations. Thus, the names of voters who have more than one place in the voter list or more than once in the same voter list can be omitted. Sources said that once linked to Aadhaar, the voter list data system will alert you about the previous registration as soon as you apply for a new registration. He said that it would go a long way in clearing the voter list and facilitate voter registration in the ‘residential’ areas.

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