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    There is also a city where there is only one door to go to the mosque and church

    Whenever there is talk of peace and unity between the two religions in the world, the name of any country comes first. But there is also a city in the world where one needs a door, not two, for learning in church and mosque. The name of this city is Jordan. Jordan, officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is an Arab country in southwestern Asia, south of the Gulf of Aqaba, in the southern part of the Syrian desert. In this city famous for its beauty, you will see loudspeakers mounted on tall towers, and you will feel the peace of the church.

    The city is known to the world for its tolerance and hospitality. People of different religions are encouraged to live together in this city. Not only that, people of different religions cook and eat together in the city, so that people of different religions live together.

    The BBC reports that there is also a place in the city where there is only one way to get to the mosque and church. There is a connection between the people of the church and the mosque, as the two neighbors communicate with each other at festivals and other occasions. This is especially evident in the context of the oldest church in our city. This church was built in 1682. It is around a cave. It is said that St. George appeared before the shepherds there.

    People of both Christian and Muslim faiths go there to pray and everyone is greeted with respect.

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