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    Support for Pakistan’s agenda in Kashmir, Hyundai, Pizza Hut, now controversial post by KFC, angry users

    New Delhi: Anti-India on Kashmir issue (Anti-India narrative) And another name has been added to the list of international brands that have taken the Pakistani narrative forward again. Hyundai (Hyundai)MILF done and Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut) After that now KFC Record (KFC) Supported Pakistan’s dirty thinking about Kashmir. Opposition to the KFC has started in India after the post of support for Kashmir independence came to the fore. However, KFC India tweeted an apology. But Indian users on social media are angry at these international outlets. Those who are running anti-India agenda in Pakistan.

    Supporting Pakistan’s agenda on Kashmir, KFC shared a post on social media saying that Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris. Posting on his Instagram account, Pizza Hut Pakistan wrote that on Kashmir Solidarity Day, “We all stand together for the freedom of Kashmiri brothers and sisters.”

    Photo – Twitter

    A message from KFC India’s official account on Twitter read, “We sincerely apologize for the post published on some of KFC’s social media channels from outside the country. We respect India and are proudly committed to our commitment to serve all Indians.”

    Photo – Twitter

    In fact, Hyundai Pakistan also tweeted anti-India about Kashmir, from where the whole dispute started. Hyundai Pakistan wrote, “Let us remember and support the sacrifices of the Kashmiri brothers so that they can continue to fight for independence.” After that, the automobile company Hyundai faced strong opposition in India. However, Hyundai India has clarified the matter and apologized. Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi has said that she has apologized unconditionally to Hyundai.

    Shiv Sena MP’s response to Hyundai’s explanation – no need for smooth words, say directly – ‘we are sorry’

    There is a lot of anger among the people of India over these international brands that support Pakistan’s dirty thinking about Kashmir. People are expressing their anger through social media. #BoycottKFC is trending on Twitter.

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