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    Relatives of former Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee were living on the sidewalk, hospitalized

    Calcutta. Ira Basu, brother-in-law of former West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, has been on the sidewalk for the past two years. Now that I know, Ira has been admitted to a mental hospital. Ira, 70, is said to have been homeless for the past few years. He was a government school teacher and retired in 200. It is learned that he has not yet claimed his pension. Ira alleged that a former headmistress of the school kicked him out of the house, after which he was living on the sidewalk in Kolkata.

    This whole issue comes to the fore on Teacher’s Day i.e. 5th September. In fact, some of his students came under the Dunlop flyover in Kolkata to pay their respects. Then his picture went viral on social media. People later came to know that she was the sister of Mira, the wife of former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. After seeing the picture, many people also reached out for help, but Ira refused to help, saying she did not need any money.

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    Did not beg
    People in the Dunlop area say Ira must have lived on the sidewalk, but he never begged anyone. He further said that he used to eat after buying food from a nearby shop. Ira Khardah used to teach in Priyant Girls School and she was counted among the good teachers. Some teachers told the English newspaper Times of India that a few days before retirement, he used to come to school barefoot without slippers. Also, he started wearing dirty clothes. After retirement, she began living with the school’s former headmistress.

    Didn’t say anything about Buddha
    A former aide to Ira said that after the death of the headmistress, she went to a sidewalk in Baranagar and has been living on the street ever since. Before being taken to the hospital, he was asked several times if he was in contact with Buddha and his sister Mira, but no one was able to break the Ira silence. According to a local tea shop, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya was also seen praying at a temple in Iraq after receiving news of a coronary heart attack.

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