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    Karnataka High Court refuses to give custody of father to child, orders Rs 50,000 compensation

    Bangalore: Karnataka High Court (Karnataka High Court) Dr. gave an important verdict about a Muslim family on Tuesday. Announcing his decision, Justice Krishna S Dixit said that a Muslim woman has custody of her minor child. (Child custody) After her husband’s second marriage when she was living away from her father-in-law’s house. In fact, a man named GK Mohammad Mustaq had applied to the High Court for custody of his 7-year-old child, but the court rejected it.

    After hearing the matter, the High Court said in its judgment that the right of custody of the child would remain with the mother. The woman’s husband has another marriage and is forcing the first wife to stay together for the custody of the child. The court rejected Mohammad Mostak’s plea and ordered him to pay Rs 50,000 compensation to his first wife.

    Strictly speaking, the court said, the woman’s husband has been asked to pay the woman within a month, otherwise the rights granted by the family court will be suspended. In fact, there are eight cases between the two husbands and wives, which the Registrar General of the High Court has directed to be settled within the next nine months.

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    Mustaq, a Bangalore-based software professional, married Ayesha Banu on March 30, 2009. On August 1, 2013, they had a child. But due to differences of opinion, they decided to separate and apply for divorce. But with the custody of the child, there is a rift between the two husbands and wives. The court said that the child is 6 years old and it is more important for the child to be with the mother at this age, so this right cannot be taken away from the mother.

    Mustaq said he would take better care of the child and he got an affidavit from his second wife that he too would take good care of the child. But the court rejected this argument of the petitioner. On the first and third Saturday of each month, the court allowed Mostaq to spend four hours with his child. Please be informed that husband and wife have filed 9 cases against each other including dowry, mental harassment and defamation.

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