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    Fear of Omicron: Find out the main reasons why Prime Minister Modi announced a booster dose in the threat of Omicron.

    New Delhi: The country is once again at risk of coronavirus surges due to a sudden rise in infections due to the new form of covid. Omicron 517 cases have been reported in the country. In the last week of the year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Saturday amid growing threats from Corona. In his 14-minute speech, he made a very big announcement. During his speech, the Prime Minister also mentioned the booster dose in India, which has been the subject of discussion among experts, doctors and the public for the past few months.

    The Prime Minister has made many announcements in his short speech at a time when Omicron’s case is on the rise. He said that in the new year, from January 3, 2022, vaccination of children aged 15-18 years will start and from January 10, cautionary doses will be given to people with comorbiditis and those over 60 years of age.

    Omicon’s threat has caused much concern. Delhi and Maharashtra were badly affected during the Kovid delta wave and now the situation is starting to change in both these cities again with the Omicron variant. In Maharashtra, about 20 per cent of infections occur daily, while in Delhi the proportion remains at around 10 per cent.

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    The rapidly growing case of Omicron has drawn attention to the need for a booster dose. According to experts, the purpose of the booster dose is to maintain the effectiveness of the covid vaccine. News18 informed its readers and viewers on Friday that the Narendra Modi government has started assessing the need for booster doses against COVID-19 in India.

    The booster dosage study, led by the Institute of Translational Health Sciences and Technology (THSTI), a leading organization in the biotechnology department, involved more than 3,000 people who received both doses of the vaccine about six months ago. In this study, three vaccines used in India, Kovashield, Kovacin and Sputnikvi, were used.

    A study also found that people who were vaccinated had lower levels of antibodies. Therefore, the immunity created by the vaccine is likely to weaken after eight to nine months, which is why a new vaccine is needed to increase antibodies against the corona virus. Therefore those who will take their second dose before April may need a cautionary dose.

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