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    Colonel: The farmers are not in the mood to prolong the process outside the mini-secretariat, they know what the plan is


    Colonel. The Kisan Morcha and the Haryana Farmers’ Organization are not in the mood to prolong the ongoing protests outside the Colonel’s mini-secretariat. The peasants are preparing for one fight after another against the government. Haryana farmer leader Jagdeep Singh Aulakh said a meeting of the United Kisan Morcha and Haryana farmers’ organization would be held on September 11 at the protest site in Karnal. At this meeting the war of the cross will be declared. Aulakh said the farmers’ organization had already given the Haryana government three days, but the government was not complying with their demands. For this reason, the announcement on the 11th will be so big that the Khattar government will have to bow its head at any cost.

    Farmers’ organizations have said that talks will be held with the government now. August 28, when a viral video of farmers being beaten and beheaded at Bastara Toll Plaza in Karnal was seen. The next discussion will start only after the Haryana government informs the farmer leaders by filing a case against the SDM.

    Politics with Langer on the picket site

    While the peasant movement is moving forward all over the country, now politics has started in the name of Langer. The statements of the leaders associated with the political parties and the counter-attacks of the peasant leaders are being seen. Shiromani Akali Dal leader Sukhbir Badal said that Gurnam Singh Chaduni called me that there was a shortage of langar and more people. But Baldev Sirsa Sukhbir Badal from Gurnam Chaduni was seen to be furious.

    Gurudwaras have been serving langar for centuries: Chadhuni

    Gurnam Chaduni said that the statement given by Sukhbir Badal was completely wrong and inhumane. The people of Gurudwara have been serving langar for centuries, Badal is not their contractor. It used to do before the clouds and will continue to do so after the clouds. Sukhbir Badal is giving this statement, he has a bad intention behind it. I don’t even have his mobile number or I didn’t call, I don’t even know who is bringing the anchor here. Sukhbir Badal should not do this petty politics. There are 2 reasons behind this one is that they are opposing Punjab and we have run Mission Punjab, they are shocked.

    Sukhbir Badal snatched and ate, who sent this anchor

    On the other hand, Baldev Sirsa said that Sukhbir Singh Badal was looted and eaten by the Gurudwaras, the one who sent the anchor. Sukhbir Badal is doing drama, come with me and debate it, the public will decide. Look ahead, what happens to political people. They want to win the sympathy of the people with such statements. But the old days are gone now. It is clear that the battle over the rhetoric that started with Langer is now going on, with Sukhbir Badal saying that he is getting the call for Langer, while the peasant leaders are directly denying these statements.

    Congress leaders said the government was running with sticks and bullets

    In protest of the farmers, Congress leader Tariq Anwar said that whether it is the Haryana government or the central government or the BJP, there is indifference and insensitivity towards the problems of the farmers. Farmers should be the lifeblood of our country and thus left on the streets. This is a very wrong idea of ​​the Modi government. Randeep Surjewal said that if Modi and Khattar government abandons anti-peasant attitude, then there will be talks. DC says that the SDM of Colonel has done what the government or Khattar has instructed. In Haryana, the government is carrying sticks and bullets.

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