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    Captain’s remarks about Harish Rawat – A man reaps what he sows

    Chandigarh. Uttarakhand Congress leader Harish Rawat (Harish Rawat) Former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder’s ‘dissatisfaction’ (Capt. Amarinder Singh) Targeted. Regarding Harish Rawat’s displeasure with the Congress, Capt Amarinder Singh said, “People reap what they sow. Harish Rawat ji I wish you all the best for your future. In fact, Harish Rawat was in charge of the Punjab Congress during the Navajyot Singh Sidhu and Captain Amarinder episodes.

    Earlier on Wednesday, Harish Rawat expressed his grief and dissatisfaction with the factionalism in the Congress. Referring to the faction and its ‘political leisure’, Rawat wrote, “I am in a state of confusion. Maybe the new year will show a way.” After this tweet, there was a commotion in the politics of the state. On the one hand, the Congress leaders have denied any infighting, on the other hand, the BJP has got a chance to announce the plight of the Congress and the BJP has said that Rawat could be Amarinder Singh of Uttarakhand.

    Written by Harish Rawat
    Harish Rawat writes, ‘It is not strange, you have to float in the sea of ​​choice. The organizational structure for cooperation, instead of extending the hand of cooperation in most places, either turns away or plays a negative role. Power has left many crocodiles in the sea where you have to swim. Representatives of those who instructed me to swim are tying my hands and feet. Many times a thought comes to mind that Harish Rawat is enough now, he has swum a lot, now is the time to rest. Then secretly a voice is rising from one corner of my mind, “Neither Dainyam nor Vapgam” I am in great confusion, maybe the new year will show the way. I believe Lord Kedarnath will show me the way in this situation.

    Elections are also going to be held in Uttarakhand
    We tell you that Uttarakhand is also included in the proposed assembly elections of five states. The election is in full swing in the state. Harish Rawat has become the Chief Minister of the state and has a strong hold in the state Congress.

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