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    AMU student union to decide to remove Jinnah’s picture, not the university and central government

    New Delhi. Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has resumed discussions on a picture of Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. A BJP activist from Aligarh wrote a bloody letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue. In the letter, Jinnah was described as a divisive mother of India and demanded that the film be removed as soon as possible. Where in a Q&A in the 2018 Lok Sabha, the central government has already said that the decision to remove the picture will be taken by the student union of AMU. At the same time, the AMU administration has avoided all of these issues, saying it has nothing to do with posting or removing pictures. It may be mentioned that MP Satish Gautam has also raised this issue in the past.

    These questions and answers were held in the Lok Sabha after the picture was removed

    During the 2018 Lok Sabha session, BJP MP Ashwini Kumar asked a question about Jinnah’s picture in the Lok Sabha. Raising the question, the MP asked if there was any demand letter from AMU for removal of Jinnah’s picture. What steps has the government taken in this regard? Will the government take any initiative in this regard which is hurting the feelings of Indians? And he also asked whether the government would revoke Jinnah’s lifetime membership from the AMU student union.

    In response to a question from MP Ashwini Kumar, then State Minister for Human Resource Development Dr Sat Satyapal Singh said that the AMU had told him that an MP had written a letter to remove the picture. AMU further said that the student union has been dissolved. And any decision to remove the image will be taken by the newly formed student union. On the question of ending Jinnah’s lifetime membership from the AMU student union, Dr. Satyapal said, there is no question in this case.

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    Said- Former president of the student union

    Talking to Faizul Hasan, former president of the student union, he said that a picture of Muhammad Ali Jinnah was placed in a hall on the second floor of the union hall. This hall has more than 30 pictures. Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s picture is also attached in the middle of all these pictures. There are also pictures of other people, including the Dalai Lama and some British officers. Looking at the UP elections, all these are their election stunts.

    It has nothing to do with the AMU administration

    A picture of Muhammad Ali Jinnah has been erected at the Union Hall of the Student Union. It is also the job of the union to give life membership. It is also the job of the union to put up pictures of Mohammad Ali Jinnah with the hall and other people. The AMU administration has nothing to do with it. Professor Shafe Kidwai, MIC, AMU Pro Office

    Jinnah’s picture was published by RTI

    Jinnah’s picture has been installed at AMU’s student union hall, it has been revealed through an RTI. This question was asked by a young man named Alok Kumar in RTI. As soon as the RTI was filed, the search for Jinnah’s picture at AMU began. Because the central information officer of AMU himself did not know in which department Jinnah’s picture was finally posted. According to experts, the information officer then sent an RTI letter to each department asking for information about the picture. Then it came to light that a picture of Jinnah had been put up in the student union hall.

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