Saturday, May 21, 2022

    These smartphones will not work from today! The company is discontinuing support; See phone list here

    Blackberry devices that work on the original operating system will stop running from today (January 4). Till now the company was giving support on the old BlackBerry smartphone, but now the company is stopping support on its old smartphone. In the early 2000s, Blackberry smartphones were a big hit. Blackberry was probably considered the best smartphone at that time. Now the company has issued a warning to customers using smartphones running on its old software that those who are still running those software on smartphones.

    The company officially announced that the company is now going to stop support on smartphones running BlackBerry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series and BlackBerry 10. Along with this, the company has warned users using these software that it is now stopping updating for these software.

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    So that the carrier or Wi-Fi of these devices is still functional. Due to which perhaps even basic functions like calls, cellular data, SMS and emergency calls on these smartphones may stop reducing. The company will officially stop support on these models from today i.e. January 4, 2022.

    Support will be closed for them…
    The company made it clear that its devices which work on Android. They will continue to receive support in the future. In a press release for non-Android device users, the company said that, as a reminder, we are notifying that some basic services such as BlackBerry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series and BlackBerry 10 will be discontinued in the future. It is doing so, so that facilities like calls, SMS, emergency calls can be stopped through these devices.

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