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    Nearby stores and restaurants will be available on WhatsApp, know the new feature

    WhatsApp 2022 Upcoming Features: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is constantly updating itself. In the new year, you will get your favorite social media platform with new features. Now on WhatsApp, you will get information about hotels, places to eat, restaurants, grocery and clothing stores. WhatsApp has launched a feature called WhatsApp tracker.

    Facebook-owned company WhatsApp is coming up with a new search feature that will tell you about the business activities around you. WhatsApp has currently launched this feature for some people in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Soon it will be launched on a large scale.

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    whatsapp tracker
    Through WhatsApp tracker, you can find all the places you need from hotels, restaurants, grocery stores around you. And for this you will not even have to exit WhatsApp.

    When this feature will be rolled out for everyone, then if you look inside WhatsApp, you will find a new section named Businesses Nearby. When you click on this section, you will get the facility of filter here. Here you can select nearby restaurants, hotels, shopping complexes etc. by filtering according to your choice.

    Few people know
    After releasing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update, WhatsApp has released a new page for business information.

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    In future updates of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android, WhatsApp is also planning to design a similar page for contact information. WhatsApp will use the same interface that has been introduced for Business Info. But there is a small addition to it, the contact will introduce a shortcut feature of search on the info page which will have the tracker.

    Change on Whatsapp Pay Button
    WhatsApp has started UPI service this year. The name of this feature is WhatsApp Pay. Where there is a button for this feature, there was also a button to upload media files to the chat. Many times it happens that users misunderstand the attach button and click on pay at that place. Will remove the button of WhatsApp Pay feature from there and put it in another place.

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