World Suicide Prevention Day 2021: Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, find out the common causes of suicide

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021: Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, find out the common causes of suicide

Common causes of World Suicide Prevention Day: World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is observed every year on September 10 to raise awareness about ways to prevent suicide. Before it’s too late, the goal is to shed light on the problems, hoping to reach those who are struggling. Losing a job, losing a loved one, and loneliness make people anxious, frustrated, and vulnerable during epidemics. Due to which many people are facing this wrong path i.e. suicide. The best way to prevent suicide is to detect warning signals and respond to this type of crisis.


History of World Suicide Prevention Day
The International Day for the Prevention of Suicide (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) together began the celebration of the day ‘Suicide Can Be Prevented’ on 10 September to deliver a very important message.

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The day was a successful first year of celebration, so in 2004, the WHO officially agreed to co-sponsor the event again, making it an annual recognized day. IASP hosts hundreds of events in more than 60 countries each year to celebrate this day.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 theme
The theme of World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 is “Building Hope through Action”, which promises a concerted effort to prevent suicide.

The importance of this day
This day is celebrated every year with the aim of creating awareness among the people to avoid suicide and prevent it at any cost. Volunteers should discuss ways to prevent suicide with victims so that they can reduce their frustration with life.

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Common causes of suicide
The most common causes of this long list are disability of physical and especially mental health, such as depression. Also, there are interrelated factors ranging from financial situation to experiences of frustration, aggression, exploitation and abuse, which can increase feelings of pain and frustration leading to suicide.

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