Women with cervical cancer will get relief from the pain of screening! This device is ready

  Women with cervical cancer will get relief from the pain of screening!  This device is ready

New devices for cervical cancer screening: For screening for uterine cancer in women, doctors use a speculum, which is quite painful. Now women will be relieved of this pain because Indian-American professor Nimmi Ramanujam has created a device that will be able to screen for uterine cancer without any pain. This device is portable which can be set by hand. With the help of this device, women will feel the touch only once in the screening. This device is called a pocket colposcope. Nimmi Ramanujam, a professor at Duke University in North Carolina, and her team said the pocket colposcope could be attached to a laptop or mobile phone. With this device, women can also do their own screening. The biggest thing is that the device will be very cheap and will also cost very little to screen.


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Uterine cancer mortality can be reduced
Ramanujam has created an all-in-one device that resembles a pocket-sized tampon. This device is designed in such a way that the inside pictures of the patients can be seen very easily. Ramanujam’s team tested 15 women with this device. A very clear picture emerges in Percent0 percent of cases. Ramanujam said, “We can reduce death due to cervical cancer to zero completely because we have all the tools with which we can see it and get it in time. Behavior. But this does not happen because women are not properly examined in the hospital or if they are examined, they are not treated properly.

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Get rid of the pain
For all these reasons, we need a colposcopy that can simplify the complex process of uterine cancer screening, Ramanujam said. Our device completes this process with the slightest touch. Ramanujam said a speculum is currently needed for uterine cancer screening. A speculum is a device made of metal that is inserted deep inside. This is why women have to go through a lot of pain, but the colposcope is an extended telescopic device so that the camera is fitted in such a way that any doctor can easily see up to the uterus.

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