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    If you do not want to get high electricity bill then follow these tips

    Power saving tips: Some people’s electricity bills come too much every month. Then all the people in the house just debate about how the electricity bill is coming so high. In fact, many times we do not pay attention to the things that cause high electricity bills. Let us know if paying attention to any issue can save the electricity bill from getting high.

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    Turn off the computer not in sleep mode

    Nowadays, most people are doing their work on the computer sitting at home. In such situations, when you need to take occasional breaks, do not put the computer in sleep mode, but turn off or turn off its monitor. Always turn off the power switch after finishing work.

    Check these things out when you get out of the house

    If you are going out of the house, light, fan, geyser, mixer, chimney, electric gas, induction, cooler and AC before going out of the house. Be sure to check all switches on such items and be sure to turn them off. Sometimes the lights go out when using these things and their switches are left open by mistake.

    Use LED bulbs

    Compared to normal bulbs, LED bulbs consume less power when receiving more light. Therefore, use LED bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs.

    Keep defrosting the fridge

    There is often a lot of ice in the fridge, which reduces the cooling power of the fridge and things can not be cold. As a result, the cost of electricity is also higher. So keep defrosting the fridge from time to time. Also, refrigerate the food after it has cooled completely.

    Set the timer on the TV

    A lot of times people fall asleep watching TV and the TV goes on all night for no reason. Which wastes electricity. Therefore, set a timer on the TV so that after you fall asleep, the TV cannot run all night without any reason.

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    Do not press too wet cloth

    Because of the hustle and bustle, many simply start to press on wet clothes. Many times we press the dry cloth very wet to make the task easier. Due to which electricity consumption is high. Sprinkle light water on dry cloth instead of wet cloth.

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