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    Identify the risk of lung cancer by 5 symptoms

    Early signs of lung cancer: As the world becomes more modern, so do the diseases associated with life. Our physical work is running out and we have become very careless about our food and drink. Increasing pollution has made every problem worse. Every day people are suffering from some or the other problem related to lifestyle. Sometimes digestive problems, sometimes back pain, sometimes mental problems. There are so many problems that were not there 100 years ago but today they are happening due to bad lifestyle and pollution. Health shots According to Cancer News, the biggest side effect of a bad lifestyle is cancer. Most of the lung cancers are caused by air pollution. Unfortunately, its symptoms are not seen long ago. In this case, it cannot be treated. When mild symptoms appear some time before the disease, people usually ignore it, but ignoring the symptoms of lung cancer can prove fatal. Therefore, its symptoms can be known from the changes in the body at the beginning.

    Symptoms of lung cancer

    Persistent cough or change in cough: If there is a persistent mild cough for no reason, it could be a sign of lung cancer. Don’t ignore it. Contact a doctor immediately. A study conducted in Britain found that cough is the most common symptom of lung cancer. One study found that about 0.2 percent of people who had a cough for more than three weeks were more likely to develop lung cancer. In the symptoms of lung cancer, the movement of the cough also changes.

    Shortness of breath and shortness of breath: Feeling tired and short of breath easily can be a sign of lung cancer. Shortness of breath means there are some problems in the airways. It can also cause lung cancer. Lung cancer causes swelling in the lungs, which causes the throat to close and cause shortness of breath. However, it is not necessary that these are signs of cancer in themselves but it is better to show them to a specialist without delay.

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    Body aches: When pain in many parts of the body, chest, shoulder and back pain persists, these can be signs of cancer. If these symptoms are due to lung cancer, then the lymph nodes in the lungs become enlarged, causing pain in many parts of the body. Lymph nodes are glands made of oval tissue in our body. If it becomes uncontrollable, it can also spread to the bones.

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    Hoarse voice Lung cancer causes hoarseness. There are many changes in the voice. There is nothing to worry about if it is like a common cold at times but if it continues it could be a sign of something serious.
    Weight loss: In most cancers, the body begins to lose weight. In lung cancer, unexpected weight loss occurs for no apparent reason.

    What should be done?
    Lungs should be examined from time to time. People aged 55 to 74 should have regular lung tests. Smoking should not be done, as smokers have a higher risk of lung cancer.

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