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    The state government has called the Kerala High Court a ‘googly’ and said there was no point in showing a pink police officer an insulted girl.

    A “spin” or a “googly” is how the Kerala High Court on Monday told the Left government’s position that there was no element in the record to show that a pink police officer accused a father and daughter of stealing his phone in August. Or insults the child so that his rights are violated or he is entitled to any compensation.

    The state government’s latest position came in response to a court observation last week that the girl was entitled to compensation under public law remedies and her question to the government was how much it would offer.

    In response to court observations and questions, the state government said there was no element in the record to show that the girl had been restrained or humiliated by a pink police officer that violated her fundamental rights or caused any harm to the public. Law remedy.

    Surprised at this turn of events, the court ruled that neither the state nor the police should have taken such a position – disputing the veracity of the matter – when the female Pink police officer admitted in her statement that she restrained her father and daughter until she got her phone from the scene.

    The court said the female officer also admitted that the child started crying before the crowd gathered, but an affidavit filed by an Inspector General of Police (IGP) said the girl cried when she heard people mocking her. The court said, “After the defendant 4 (pink police officer) has accepted everything, you (state) are arguing all this.”

    “According to you (the state) the child was not insulted and he started crying because of the ridicule of the crowd. A new spin is being created by the state. It is a good spin, a googly.” Being a different color. There was nothing on the record to show that this kind of thing happened. I took some things for granted. I thought you (the state) agreed. That’s what I did wrong, “the judge said. The court ruled that the state was claiming that no fundamental rights had been violated” since they do not recognize any fundamental rights. “

    The judge further noted that the IGP had mentioned in his affidavit a video he had seen and asked why it had not been recorded. The court said that if the applicant (the girl) was instructed to record the video, the state would want to send it for forensic analysis and therefore directed that the video seen by the IGP should be recorded before the next date. December 22 hearing.

    An 8-year-old girl has filed a petition seeking directions to the government to take strict action against the officer for violating her fundamental rights. The petitioner also sought Rs 50 lakh from the government as compensation for the August 27 incident.

    On 15 December the court stated that the amount sought by the petitioner was “excessive” and “excessively exaggerated”, but it was assumed that he would have to pay compensation under public law remedies. The incident took place on August 27 when Atingal resident Jayachandran arrived in Munmukku with his eight-year-old daughter, who wanted to see the movement of a huge cargo at the Thumbar Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC).

    Rajitha, a female pink police officer, was deployed to assist in traffic control and she accused the two of stealing her mobile phone kept in a police car. In a video that went viral, the officer and his co-worker were seen harassing and even shaking the father and daughter. The child broke down in their harassment.

    However, when an eyewitness dialed the officer’s number, the mobile phone was found in the police car, after which the police team left the scene without apologizing to the father and daughter. As part of a disciplinary action, the female officer was transferred and the state police chief instructed her to undergo behavioral training.

    The court had earlier said the officer was “intoxicated with power”. It was said that the behavior of the pink police officer indicated “pure ego and arrogance of the khakis”.


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